Financial advisors can use our secure Amazon Web Service platform directly or fully integrate with existing systems.

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* Risk tolerance test
* Expectation reality check
* Default models
* Real-time risk monitor (limited)
* Client profiling
* Cognitive decline measurement
* Lead generation
* Custom models
* Real-time risk monitor for client portfolios
* Full integration with custodian and portfolio accounting systems
* Model and fund market place
Perfect for advisors to use the modern tools to engage clients, add value and differentiate themselves.Perfect for advisors to quickly identify clients at risk;
Perfect for management to monitor service quality and detect issues early.


Our services include:

  • Risk analytics calculated every day to power the entire suite of products.
  • Customization and integration.
  • Full production support.
    • Email to send a support request. Be sure to leave a phone number if you wish to get a call back.

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