Services and Pricing


Our services include:

  • Risk analytics calculated every day to power the entire suite of products.
  • Customization and integration (not included in the pricing below).
  • Full production support.
    • Email to send a support request. Be sure to leave a phone number if you wish to speak to someone.


Financial advisors can use the Andes platform directly or integrate with their existing systems.

Option 1: Use Andes platform directly

Financial advisors can simply create a user account on as an advisor to start using our standard questionnaires and default model portfolios to reap the benefit of our Client Experience Technology.

Option 2: Customize with advisor’s own model portfolios

The financial advisory firm can upload their own set model portfolios so advisors and clients can have the most relevant 360° risk visualization.

Option 3: Integrate with custodian/accounting system

Our products can be seamlessly integrated with custodian and accounting systems so advisors can monitor portfolio risk in real time over different time horizon to effectively avoid panic.


Our competitive a-la-cart pricing allows you to only pay for what you need.

Sign up now to get 3-month free for the entire suite of products!

Andes FreeAndes LeadGenAndes ProAndes Enterprise
Free$99/mo/firm + $10 per lead$99/mo/advisor$10/mo/portfolio
Get StartedGet Started Get Started Get Started
Includes (subject to change):
* Risk tolerance test.
* Expectation reality check.
* Real-time risk monitor of key markets and model portfolios.
* Client profiling.
* Cognitive decline measurement.
Includes everything in Andes Free plus:
* Custom lead generation. Check out the
demo site for our mock RIA “Best-in-Galaxy Advisors”.
Includes everything in Andes Free plus:
* Customized model portfolios.
* Integrated daily client portfolio feeds.
* Real-time risk monitor of client portfolios
Includes everything in Andes Free plus:
* Real-time risk monitor for all portfolios.
* Perfect for advisors to quickly identify clients at risk;
* Perfect for management to monitor service quality and detect issues early.

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