ndes Wealth Technologies is located in Lexington, Massachusetts, the birthplace of American liberty.

We share this revolutionary spirit. In the U.S., 46 million households use financial advisors, half of which are not satisfied. Helen Yang, CFA, realized that it was a FinTech problem, that financial advisors didn’t have the right tools to deliver truly personalized services, and set out to empower financial advisors to disrupt the traditional cookie-cutter service.

While at MIT, Helen met Dr. Andrew Lo and was intrigued by his Adaptive Markets Theory. They worked together and shared the prestigious Harry Markowitz Award in 2011. The Adaptive Markets Theory is the theoretic foundation for much of what we do.

Andes Wealth Technologies is named after the Andes mountains, the longest mountain range on earth, symbolizing our commitment to the long-term success of you and your clients.

Contact us at inquiry@andeswealth.com.

Minuteman Statue in Lexington, Massachusetts

Photo credit: Oeoi

Meet Our Team

J. Helen Yang, CFA
J. Helen Yang, CFACEO & Founder
Helen Yang has been in FinTech for 20+ years. Prior to founding Andes Wealth, she held leadership positions at Thomson Reuters and Charles River Development.
A co-winner of the prestigious Harry M. Markowitz Special Distinction Award (with Dr. Andrew W. Lo), Helen holds an MBA from MIT.
Cristian Retegan
Cristian ReteganCTO
Cris is our outsourced CTO from the IT company Red to Blue (red-to-blue.com), based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
A top expert in web/SaaS technology and data security, Cris leads a stellar engineering team of backend developers, front developers and an UX expert.
Sorin Sabo
Sorin SaboLead Engineer
Based in Cluj, Romania, Sorin is an exceptional talent and top expert in Python/Django and AWS. He is also well versed in JavaScript/React. Sorin has been with the project since September, 2018. He also actively participates in the open source community.
Tamar Chamassian
Tamar ChamassianVP, Client Services
A seasoned executive in financial services, Tamar is highly skilled in business strategy, marketing, and client experience. Tamar has been a supporter and advisor of Andes Wealth Technologies since our early days.
Intention.lyChief Marketing Officer
Founded by seasoned marketing executives Kelly Waltrich and Meghan Richter, Intention.ly is our outsourced marketing team. Kelly Waltrich is a winner of the 2019 WealthManagement.com Industry Award in the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) category.