The Andes is the longest continental mountain range on earth, symbolizing our commitment to the long-term success of financial advisors and their clients.

Individual investors struggle to find a trustworthy advisor who can provide real value. According to ThinkAdvisor, 68% of Americans said they didn’t have a trusted financial advisor. Among those who did work with a professional, only 40% felt their advisor provided tailored attention.

Meanwhile, financial advisors are under tremendous pressure to offer advice above and beyond what robo-advisors can do. Advisors need tools to help deepen their relationship with clients in a meaningful way. Risk and emotions are at the core of managing money, hence the key differentiators for the advisors.

Founded by an award-winning FinTech veteran, Andes Wealth Technologies tackles these problems head-on with its Client Experience Technology, a powerful communications platform that uses unique visualizations to communicate issues around risk and behavior to reduce panic and keep clients invested across market cycles.

This digital engagement experience is also perfect to drive lead generation so financial advisors can grow their business.

Andes Client Experience Technology

The platform has two cornerstones: AccuRisk™ for 360° risk visualization and AccuProfile™ for practical client profiling.

AccuRisk™ AccuProfile™
Why?Advisors need a better tool to explain and monitor risk.Advisors need to provide truly personalized service efficiently
Key Features
* State-of-the-art Risk Tolerance Test.
* Investor Expectation Reality Check.
* Real-time Risk Monitor.
* Investor personas based on behavioral traits.
* Cognitive decline measurement to protect aging baby boomers.
* Financial IQ assessment
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Business Benefits

Our goal is to empower financial advisors with a new communications platform to better manage relationships, construct portfolios and keep clients invested across market cycles in order to ensure quality outcomes and protect themselves.

Furthermore, this unique technology offering helps firms differentiate their businesses with a new marketing message, penetrating existing clients’ assets and attract new prospects.

Ultimately, it helps advisors deliver what algorithms can’t: in-depth conversations that take clients on a journey of discovery. Our innovative technology platform and modern approach also helps firms attract younger, growth oriented advisors.

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Disclaimer: Andes Wealth Technologies Inc. provides tools and information solely for the convenience of the readers and subscribers. Nothing provided by Andes Wealth constitutes investment advice or client/advisor relationship. Readers and subscribers are responsible for their own investment decisions. Whenever possible, Andes encourages readers and subscribers to consult with their financial advisors.

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