Andes Wealth Technologies announces integration with Orion Advisor Tech

Behavioral finance and risk analytics have never been more critical for creating a satisfying and successful investment experience for clients. As a result, advisors are looking for actionable ways to tie risk and behavioral data to their investment decisions, creating trust and transparency that strengthens the advisor-client journey.

The Andes Wealth Platform is the first of its kind to combine behavioral finance with risk visualization to empower financial advisors to deliver actionable insights in investment and investor behavior. Advisors using both Orion and Andes Wealth can save time and increase efficiency by syncing all existing Orion household and account data right into the Andes Wealth platform, enabling them to:

  • Seamlessly move a client from risk profiling to portfolio model selection and ongoing monitoring, all while applying behavioral finance concepts.
  • Improve transparency through the industry’s most comprehensive, yet digestible, Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
  • Help advisors effectively tell the long-term story during market turmoil using a combination of portfolio analytics and behavioral finance.

INVST, an Indiana-based RIA with $800 million asset under management, has been using Andes Wealth Platform and Orion to harness the power of behavioral finance and risk analytics to strengthen client relationships and ultimately improve the advisor-client journey.

Eric Clarke, CEO of Orion, said, “using technology to augment human compassion and insight is the new frontier of fiduciary service, and we’ve only just begun to explore the possibilities.” Andes Wealth Technologies is proud to be a partner on this journey to transform the wealth management experience.