Total Onboarding and Client Communications Platform

Our streamlined Total Onboarding platform includes:

  • Defensible Risk Tolerance Test;
  • Practical behavioral finance for client profiling;
  • Intuitive portfolio visualization and risk monitor;
  • The best Investment Policy Statement (IPS) on the market.

It is also a powerful communications platform to facilitate meaningful conversations during market turmoil.

Inspired by Dr. Andrew Lo from MIT and his Adaptive Markets Theory, we are the first company to combine behavioral finance with risk visualization to empower financial advisors to deliver real insights, better-informed advice and truly personalized services. Watch the video and scroll down for details.

Multi-Dimensional Risk Tolerance

There are already risk tools out there; why did we even bother? Because they all require a leap of faith to arrive at the portfolio decision, which we are not willing to accept.

Our Risk Tolerance Test is direct, transparent and defensible. Clients explicitly sign up for the risk and return tradeoff that they feel most comfortable with, and it is cross-validated by a traditional risk questionnaire to ensure accuracy.

Practical Behavioral Finance

People talk a lot about behavioral finance, but there hasn’t been a good way to use it systematically until we came along.

Using mini-questionnaires, our practical behavioral finance is modular, flexible and each to use.

It also provides a special tool to help protect baby boomer clients.

Real-time Risk Monitor

The best way to tell the long-term story is to monitor the shorter-terms, especially during the market turmoil when clients need your guidance the most. The “30-year” spiel gets old really fast.

Other systems may have risk metrics quarterly, monthly or not at all, we do it daily to reveal timely insights that clients can’t get from CNBC and Yahoo! Finance.

Total Onboarding and IPS

It all comes together to form the Total Onboarding workflow, culminating in the Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

We have the best IPS on the market. Not too long, not too short. The right balance between words and graphics. Your clients will enjoy reading it and learn a few things too!

“What’s in it for me?”

Find out for yourself.