Precision Risk and Behavior Platform for Financial Advisors and Savvy Investors

We work hard under the hood to make it easy for financial advisors and savvy investors. If you are a financial advisor, an institution or brokerage serving retail investors, our PrecisionRisk platform offers:

  • Patent-pending risk tolerance test and behavior assessments to develop a much deeper understanding of individual investors;
  • Robust datasets to reveal the limitations of the conventional wisdom of “high risk, high return” and “buy and hold”; 
  • Real-time risk monitor to confidently navigate dynamic markets.

If you are a DIY individual investor, our open platform provides institutional-grade data and analytics that you can’t find elsewhere.

Risk Tolerance Test and Investor AccuRisk™ Score

Our patent-pending risk tolerance test uses real upsides and downsides of model portfolios to get an accurate response. Each investor gets an AccuRisk™ score, which maps directly to a model portfolio.

Investor Expectation Reality Check and Market Comparison

Sometimes you have unrealistic expectations and sometimes markets offer pleasant surprises. Measure your expectations against market realities over short-, medium- and longer-term horizons.

This is also a great visual to show how shorter-term market characteristics can be drastically different from longer-term averages, and that the notion of high risk and high return has serious limitations.

This chart shows the historical trend of return AND risk.

Investor Preferences and Behavioral Traits

Tailored guidance calls for a deep understanding of investors. Our patent-pending investor classification scheme highlights the common features of each type of investors for efficiency.

Real-Time Risk Monitors

We monitor risk for key market segments and your portfolio in real-time. Financial advisors and their clients can access the same information so they are always on the same page – no surprises.

Look into the Future

Nobody can predict future but the past can give us a clue what the future might look like.









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