Fund Comparison

Financial advisors can use this tool to compare funds and to explain to clients why you choose certain funds, and fund managers can use it to demonstrate the value of your funds.

  • For passive index funds, you can show how they offer low fee while beating/matching the vast majority of active funds.
  • For active, smart alpha/beta funds, you can demonstrate the value if they have valuable characters. If not, use it internally for research.

Fund Mark Place shows all funds on the same chart so it is easy to compare the risk and return for the short-, medium- and longer terms, from 1-month to 10-year. It is calculated every day so you always get the latest.

The half-century debate of active versus passive seems to have settled and the consensus is that passive index ETFs are the way to go. But index funds have absolutely no risk management and there are indeed active funds worth taking a look. Throwing in smart-beta funds etc., it can be difficult to find the right funds for you.

Even for passive ETFs, there are so many passive ETFs for every market segment and this will help you find the ETFs most suitable for your investment objectives.

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