Digital and Printable Posters

  • For the digital poster, click here. Perfect for digital display and emails.
  • For home printing, click here. It has a white background to save ink.
  • For professional printing, pick a size. Perfect for schools and businesses.
    • 8.5×11
    • 11×17
    • 16×20
    • This set of files has the bleed marks required by professional printing facilities.
    • If you need a different size or language, please email

This campaign is co-sponsored by Lexington Lions Club, Boston Children’s Hospital, Massachusetts Eye and Ear, and LexMedia.

Special thanks to Dr. David Hunter, Ophthalmologist-in-chief, and Richard Robb chair in ophthalmology at Boston Children’s Hospital, for support of this project. Dr. Hunter is also the professor of ophthalmology and vice chair at Harvard Medical School.

Additional resources:

  • Educational article featuring Dr. Melanie Kazlas, Medical Director of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus at Boston Children’s Hospital and Massachusetts Eye and Ear. Dr. Kazlas is also an assistant professor of ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School.
  • Helen Yang interviews Dr. Melanie Kazlas (coming up). Helen Yang is a board member of Lexington Lions Club.