Join the all-star team for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to disrupt the investment industry based on the groundbreaking research of world-class experts!

We are actively looking for ambitious candidates for the following roles:

  • Business development executive;
  • Lead web/mobile developer/architect (React/Python/MySQL);
  • Full stack web/mobile developer (React/Python/MySQL).

If you are creative, collaborative, result driven and fun, this is your calling to help shape the future of finance! Please send your resume to

Business development executive

The business development executive is tasked to identify new sales lead, pitch Andes’ innovative solutions, acquire new enterprise clients and sell additional services to existing clients.

Need to have in-depth knowledge and connections in the financial industry.

Lead mobile/web engineer/architect

We need a top-notch lead engineer/architect to manage the effort to build start-of-the-art web and mobile applications. An excellent candidate can grow into the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) role.

The applications support:

  • A dynamic website with interactive tools/games for a potentially medium to large user base;
  • Import, transformation and storage of financial data and analytics;
  • Algorithms for sophisticated investment strategies and analytics;
  • Visualization of data and analytics;
  • Mobile applications.

An ideal candidate needs to have the following qualifications:

  • Be familiar with technologies for all three tiers: user interface, server and database;
  • Be able to set up a team development environment and manage code base;
  • Be able to deploy to a host environment such as AWS;
  • Need to feel comfortable managing a small team of developers initially and taking on additional responsibilities as the company grows;
  • Be able to work with product management to develop products to meet the business requirements;
  • Need to be self-driven and reliable.

Knowledge in finance is a plus but not required.

Full Stack Mobile/Web Developer

We are looking for brilliant software engineers to build the products that revolutionize investing. Full stack engineers and engineers with special talents in certain areas are equally welcome.

  • Need to be proficient in some of the following areas:
    • Data extraction, transformation and loading;
    • Building web based interactive user interfaces with data visualization (i.e. charts);
    • Building an application server with business logic;
    • Data modeling.
  • Be able to work with product management to understand business requirements and build product to meet specifications;
  • Experience working in an engineering team and collaborate with others;
  • Experience with mobile application is a plus but not required.
  • Domain knowledge in finance is desirable but not required.

At Andes Wealth, our mission is to use innovative technologies to help financial advisors and everyday investors. Send your resume to

Andes Wealth is an equal opportunity employer and doesn’t discriminate against any employee or job applicant based on race, gender, national origin, religion and sexual orientation. At Andes Wealth, we believe in meritocracy.


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