AccuRisk™ for Dynamic Markets

AccuRisk™ offers:

  • Proprietary Risk Tolerance Test. Accurate, realistic and far superior.
  • Expectation Reality Check. Manage client expectations early and often. 
  • Real-time Portfolio Health Check. Is the portfolio performing as expected?
  • All backed by robust data set.

If you are a DIY individual investor, our open platform provides institutional-grade data and analytics that you can’t find elsewhere.

Step 1: Risk Tolerance Test

AccuRisk™ starts with a proprietary Risk Tolerance Test, far superior to anything out there, to get an accurate reading in a realistic setting.

Step 2: Expectation Reality Check

Next, Expectation Reality Check helps manage investor expectations.

Sometimes investors have unrealistic expectations, while other times markets offer pleasant surprises. Measure investor expectations early and often, against market realities over short-, medium- and longer-term horizons.

This is also a great visual to show how shorter-term market characteristics can shift drastically from longer-term averages. Investors should take conventional wisdom such as “buy and hold” and “high risk, high return” with a grain of salt.

Step 3: Portfolio Health Check

Portfolios often do not perform as expected, and the notion of “high risk, high return” often doesn’t hold true. Our Portfolio Health Check monitors the risks and returns of model portfolios for horizons as short as 1-month and as long as 10-year so you get the entire picture.

It is a great visual to show how popular model portfolios deviate from long-term averages so you can keep the pulse on the market.

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