AccuProfile®: Practical Behavioral Finance

Using mini-questionnaires, AccuProfile® provides a structured way for financial advisors to profile clients’ investment behavior in order to deliver better personalized services.

Investor Persona

Based on research from Dr. Andrew Lo from MIT, we assign an investor persona to each client based on how they react to market ups and downs, so you can anticipate client behavior and prioritize accordingly.

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Behavior Risk Index™ : Coming soon

Behavior Risk Index™ indicates how likely the client is susceptible to irrational behavior in the context of capital markets.

Each investor is assigned a Behavior Risk Index based on a combination of behavioral risk factors, such as the investor temperament, behavioral biases, investors knowledge in finance, and for senior citizens, cognitive abilities.

Each type of investor faces their own challenges, thus opportunities for advisors to add value.

For example: trend followers are often tempted to time the market. Advisors can add value by educating them that asset allocation is the biggest driver of return, and help them manage emotions using market visualization.

Emotions and Behavioral Biases

Even the most rational people are subject to behavioral biases such as loss aversion, overconfidence, and herding. Help your clients understand their behavioral biases so they are more open to perspectives that may contradict with their intuitions.

Cognitive Ability Test for Baby Boomers

Routine cognitive ability tests detect early signs of cognitive decline due to advanced age, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Now you don’t have to be the messenger; instead, you are the hero coming to the rescue. Click here to learn more.

Financial IQ

Financial IQ is an objective assessment of clients’ knowledge in finance and investing. Through this process, financial advisors will help their clients learn and grow as investors.

Quick links: Investor Persona/Temperament, Risk Appetite, Loss Aversion, Herding, Overconfidence, Cognitive Ability Test, and Financial IQ.

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