AccuProfile™: Practical Client Profiling

Behavioral finance is much talked about but its use remains elusive. AccuProfile™ is a unique client profiling tool to categorize investors based on their behavioral traits so advisors can provide personalized services efficiently.

In particular, it measures the cognitive declines of aging baby boomers to better protect their financial well-being and better manage the generational wealth transfer.

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Investor Types

Passive Panda
Passive Pandas are passive investors who stay put during market ups and downs. It makes sense most of the time. However, you should be aware of major market turmoil and make necessary adjustments.
51% of investors are passive investors.
Chasing Cheetah
Chasing Cheetahs chase after market trends, buying when the market is going up and selling when the market is going down. This is very human to do as we tend to extrapolate current trends into the future. You are able to capture the momentum. However, it also means you are likely to buy when the price is high and sell when the price is low.
Contrarian Condor
Contrarian Condors sell when the market is going up and buy when the market is going down. You are probably doing this to keep your portfolio at a certain allocation, which the classic theory calls for. However, it also means you sell the relative winners and buy the relative losers in order to maintain the static allocation.
Safety Seal
Safety Seals values safety over return, hence you choose to reduce your exposure when the market shows greater volatility, regardless whether it is going up or down.
Crazy Crab
Crazy Crab buy when the market goes up or down sharply. Unless you are doing a fancy algorithm, it does not make sense to do so.
Mysterious Moose
You are a puzzle with contradicting behaviors when it comes to investment.

Cognitive Decline Measurement

This special-purpose cognitive ability test measures and monitors investor behavior changes as baby boomer clients age and/or suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia.
Like routine physical, dental and vision check-ups, regular cognitive check-ups can detect early signs. Clients may still do well in daily life but may start to struggle with making financial and investment decisions. 
It is important to plan early to protect their financial well-being and better manage the generational wealth transfer.

Behavior Biases

Money can be very emotional.

Even the most rational people are subject to behavioral biases such as loss aversion, overconfidence, and herding. Our investor behavioral assessments help investors understand their behavioral biases so they are more open to perspectives backed by data that may contradict with their impulses.


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