Practical Behavioral Finance for Financial Advisors

Investor type, behavioral biases, financial IQ and so much more.

It also has a special tool to help protect baby boomer clients and better manage the generational wealth transfer.

Investor Type/ Investor Persona

Based on research from Dr. Andrew Lo from MIT, each client is assigned on an investor persona, such as passive investors, trend followers and contrarians, to help you deliver personalized advice.

Protecting Baby Boomer Clients

The platform reminds you the steps to take, so it is part of the best practice.

Behavioral Biases

Even the most rational people are subject to behavioral biases such as loss aversion (very common!), overconfidence, and herding. Have this awareness help your clients keep their emotions in perspective.

Financial IQ

Successful people often overestimate their capabilities in other fields. Financial IQ is an objective assessment of clients’ knowledge in finance and investments. You will help them learn and grow as investors.

Investment Risk Questionnaire

We use a traditional Risk Questionnaire to cross validate our proprietary Risk Tolerance Test.

Behavioral Risk Index™

Behavior Risk Index™ is a number of 1-10 to indicate the client’s behavioral risk when it comes to investments.

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