AccuProfile®: Practical Behavioral Finance

How do you use behavioral finance to improve the quality and efficiency of your practice?

Investor Personas

We start with assigning an investor persona to each client based on how they react to market ups and downs, so you can anticipate client behavior and prioritize accordingly.

Emotions and Behavioral Biases

Even the most rational people are subject to behavioral biases such as loss aversion, overconfidence, and herding. Help your clients understand their behavioral biases so they are more open to perspectives that may contradict with their intuitions.

Cognitive Ability Test for Baby Boomers

Routine cognitive ability tests detect early signs of cognitive decline due to advanced age, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Now you don’t have to be the messenger; instead, you are the hero coming to the rescue.

Combine this knowledge with AccuRisk® to identify at-risk clients so you can provide truly personalized services, efficiently.

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