AccuRisk®: 360° Risk Visualization

Like 3D X-Ray, AccuRisk® is a powerful tool to visualize market dynamics and monitor portfolio risk in real-time. It is also a communications platform so advisors can discuss risk in a way that clients can understand. 

Watch mini demo videos below:

  • How to Identify At-Risk Clients
  • The best Risk Tolerance Test on the market
  • Expectation Reality Check
  • Real-Time Risk Monitor: Convert prospects, reduce panic and monitor financial crisis

Identify At-Risk Clients

Putting all clients on the same chart, you can easily identify at-risk clients with 30x efficiency. Managers and supervisors of the firm can monitor across the firm to improve compliance and client satisfaction.

The Best Risk Tolerance Test

Are you getting your client’s risk tolerance level right? We have the best Risk Tolerance Test on the market. It is intuitive, transparent, and to the point.

Real-time Risk Monitor: Intro & Convert Prospects

Use Real-Time Risk Monitor to convert prospects

Try it out at (no need to create an account). Play with the time horizon to see the market dynamics for the short-, medium- and longer-term. Pick a different as-of-date to see what it looks like at any given time.

Real-Time Risk Monitor: Reduce Panic

When the market drops and your client calls, use Real-Time Risk Monitor to reduce panic with efficiency and credibility.

Real-Time Risk Monitor: Monitor Financial Crisis

It is important to monitor the financial crisis to protect your clients and your own business. If your clients’ assets drop 40%, your revenue drops 40% as well. Can you afford it?

Expectation Reality Check

For an in-depth conversation on expectations, use the Expectation Reality Check. Manage expectations early and often to build a long-lasting relationship.

Try it out at Simply pick a risk tolerance level from the dropdown and enter an expected return to see if your expectation is in line with market reality.

Click here to request demo and be eligible for free trial.


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