AccuRisk™: 360° Risk Visualization

Risk is at the heart of wealth management but is often misunderstood by investors. Advisors need a better communication tool to explain and monitor risk in a way that is easy to understand. 

With 360º risk visualization, AccuRisk™ offers unprecedented clarity and transparency with three powerful tools that can be used together or stand-alone:

  • Risk Tolerance Test. Accurate, realistic and far superior.
  • Expectation Reality Check. Manage expectations early and often.
  • Real-time Risk Monitor. Show actual risk in short-, medium- and long term.


  • All-portfolio Monitor allows the advisor to monitor all portfolios on one chart to identify clients at risk. Management can use it to check all client portfolios to identify potential issues and protect themselves.
  • Model and Fund Market Place helps advisors quickly identify better performing models and funds.

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Risk Tolerance Test

Current risk tolerance tests leave much to be desired. Our patent-pending risk tolerance test is intuitive, realistic, fully transparent and far superior. 

Expectation Reality Check

Expectation Reality Check helps manage investor expectations early and often.
This is a great visual to validate investor expectations against market realities over short-, medium- and longer-term horizons.

Real-time Risk Monitor

Backed by robust analytics, real-time risk monitoring over short-, medium- and long-term horizons reduces panic and keeps clients invested across market cycles.
This is a great visual to show how models and portfolios can shift drastically from longer-term averages. Investors should take conventional wisdom such as “buy and hold” and “high risk, high return” with a grain of salt.

All-portfolio Monitor

Advisors and management can see all portfolios on this chart to identify clients-at-risk and potential issues to protect themselves. Portfolios on the lower right corner need attention.


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