According to ThinkAdvisor, 68% of Americans said they didn’t have a trusted financial advisor. Among those who did work with a professional, only 40% felt their advisor provided tailored attention. Now with volatility coming back, leading your clients through the next challenge can be daunting.

Andes Wealth Technologies tackles these problems head-on through its Accurate Risk and Behavior Platform to deliver happier clients and happier advisors. The platform has two cornerstones: AccuRisk™ and AccuProfile™.


  • Accurate risk management for dynamic markets
  • Monitor risk in real time instead of relying on long term averages
  • Backed by robust data sets


  • Provides detailed investor profiling to manage behaviors and expectations
  • Monitors cognitive decline for baby boomers and those in early stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Tests financial IQ
  • Reliable and efficient

As a result, financial advisors can provide personalized advice efficiently backed by robust datasets.

It can be used as a stand-alone platform or seamlessly integrated with the advisors’ existing platform to provide a powerful tool for lead generation and advanced risk and behavior capability.

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Disclaimer: Andes Wealth Technologies Inc. provides tools and information solely for the convenience of the readers and subscribers. Nothing provided by Andes Wealth constitutes investment advice or client/advisor relationship. Readers and subscribers are responsible for their own investment decisions. Whenever possible, Andes encourages readers and subscribers to consult with their financial advisors.

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