BOSTON, September 21, 2021Andes Wealth Technologies, an innovative wealth technology company, has been selected as a finalist in the 2021 Money Management Institute/Barron’s Industry Award in the Disruptor category.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by the MMI/Barron’s Industry Award, one of the most prestigious awards in financial services industry,” said Helen Yang, CFA, Founder and CEO of Andes Wealth Technologies. “Andes Wealth Platform is designed to disrupt the traditional cookie cutter service, and the nomination is the validation of our innovation.”

Andes Wealth Technologies is the first company to combine behavioral finance and risk to help financial advisors deliver differentiated and truly personalized services.

It starts with getting to know clients deeply using behavioral finance and Andes Wealth Platform provides an easy way for financial advisors to use behavioral finance systematically. The behavioral finance module, along with its proprietary Risk Tolerance Test, recently won the 2021 Industry Award in the Risk Tolerance/Client Profiling category.

The conversation on emotions and behavioral biases is supported by Andes’ proprietary deep analytics and visualization that deliver timely insights in investments to help advisors tell a robust long-term story. This significant innovation was recognized by the 2021 Industry Award in the Portfolio Analytics category.

Wealth management is undergoing drastic changes and financial advisors face tremendous pressure to demonstrate value and justify their fees; Andes Wealth Technologies is a vital catalyst to transform the traditional cookie-cutter service to differentiated, truly personalized services.

About Andes Wealth Technologies

Andes Wealth Technologies is the first company to combine behavioral finance with risk visualization to provide a new way to deliver wealth management services. Inspired by Dr. Andrew Lo from MIT and his Adaptive Markets Theory, Andes Wealth provides a comprehensive client onboarding and communication technology solution to help financial advisors differentiate and personalize services. Helen Yang, CFA, founder and CEO of Andes Wealth Technologies, shared the prestigious Harry Markowitz Award with Dr. Lo in 2011. Visit to learn more.

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