BOSTONApril 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Andes Wealth Technologies, an innovative wealth technology company, announced today the release of an integrated, comprehensive, and powerful client onboarding and communication platform to help advisors enhance client relationships and better manage their practices.

Based on academic research, the new Andes Wealth platform consists of a suite of visually appealing and highly customizable digital applications that integrate behavioral finance concepts with rigorous risk analytics. This powerful technology seamlessly moves a client from risk profiling to portfolio model selection and ongoing monitoring, all transparently documented and communicated through the industry’s most comprehensive Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that is also easy to understand.

“Successfully onboarding new clients and managing expectations take up a significant part of an advisor’s time due to inconsistent, manual and non-integrated processes,” said Helen Yang, CFA, CEO of Andes Wealth Technologies. “With volatility coming back, advisors need a new technology-enabled approach to help clients committed to their long-term financial and investment plans. Our new technology streamlines typical manual workflows and provide advisors with added capacity to work with more clients while enhancing relationships, all of which lead to increased satisfaction and increased referrals.”

Central to the new Andes Technology platform is a multi-dimensional risk tolerance that maps directly to one of the advisor’s investment models. From there, real-time risk monitors serve as a “portfolio visualizer” for clients to better understand the performance of their investments in volatile markets, while helping advisors communicate the value of their personal, human approach. Additionally, the new Andes Wealth platform integrates behavioral finance concepts into a Behavioral Risk Index to help clients better understand their intrinsic biases when it comes to investing. It also has a special tool to help protect baby boomer clients.

“Our clients love the streamlined process that Andes Wealth has provided,” said Lloyd Easters, CIO of INVST, an $800 million independent RIA. “This has opened up another level of conversation we are now having which is leading to much better and deeper relationships. Before Andes Wealth, our processes were clunky and the whole approach skewed to aggressive allocations. We needed a more accurate assessment, one that was more academically rigorous. Now, with Andes Wealth, it is truly phenomenal what we can do.”

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About Andes Wealth Technologies
Andes Wealth Technologies is the first company to combine behavioral finance with risk visualization to provide a new way to deliver wealth management services. Inspired by Dr. Andrew Lo from MIT and his Adaptive Markets Theory that reconciles behavioral finance with efficient markets, Andes Wealth provides advisors with a comprehensive and robust client onboarding and communication technology solution. Helen Yang, CFA, founder and CEO of Andes Wealth Technologies, shared the prestigious Harry Markowitz Award with Dr. Lo in 2011.

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