Andes Wealth Technologies published a whitepaper “Delivering Insights in Wealth Management” to showcase how financial advisors can deliver real insights and better client experience leveraging Andes’ digital onboarding platform.

The digital onboarding process starts with Risk Tolerance and Client Profiling (Behavioral Finance). Financial advisor then uses Andes’ risk visualization to analyze prospect’s existing portfolio to demonstrate the lack of diversification and excessive risk and show them a better way. At the end of the process, Andes platform generates an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that the client can understand. It will sow the seeds for the long-term story that advisors and clients can revisit during market turmoil.

Download the whitepaper here.

In related news, Bob Veres, a renowned thought leader in wealth management, profiles our solution in detail in his widely subscribed “Inside Information” newsletter.

“Andes Wealth has brought back the investment policy statement generator—but that’s only a small part of what the program offers,” Bob Veres wrote. “It’s possible to determine a prospect’s risk tolerance with one image. The IPS pulls from a full suite of
client onboarding tools, and the program also offers a robust way to stress-test your model portfolios under different market

We got Bob’s permission to reprint “Total Client Onboarding for Financial Advisors”; click here to download.