Diary of a Rational Investor – Introduction

By J. Helen Yang, CFA

Greetings! This is Helen Yang, Co-Founder and CEO of Andes Wealth. After working in the financial industry for 20 years and investing for 20 years mostly as a passive investor, I have learned a few things and wanted to share with you.

This series illustrates the general guidelines in real life, with each diary loosely tied to the happenings at the time.

Our journeys in life are often shaped by forces beyond our control, which is true in investing as well. Don’t be too harsh on yourself if your investment is not doing well. However, you will be surprised how much your financial well-being can be improved by avoiding the most obvious mistakes.

Jan 19, 2018: Is the Next Crash Coming?

Feb 5, 2018: I Contributed to History, Did You?


Diary of a Rational Investor – Introduction

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