We are the first company to combine behavioral finance with unique analytics to help financial advisors provide truly personalized services at scale.

Just like Google Maps helping travelers find the best path, our modern platform helps financial advisors deliver better-informed advice and superior client experience. Read on or watch the video.

Andes Wealth Platform: The Google Maps for Advisors*

Inspired by Dr. Andrew Lo from MIT and his theory of Adaptive Markets, Andes Wealth Platform has two cornerstones:

  • AccuProfile™: It starts with getting to know the clients well. Our flexible mini-surveys put behavioral finance at your fingertips.
  • AccuRisk™: 360° risk visualization to help advisors identify at-risk clients, convert prospects, reduce panic and monitor the financial crisis.

Combining behavioral finance with analytics, advisors can confidently navigate market dynamics and client emotions to deliver better outcomes and modern experience.

Looking for a New Experience

In the U.S., 46 million households use financial advisors, and half of them are not satisfied**. In addition, 24 million households would like to work with financial advisors but can’t find someone they can trust*. That is a potential revenue of $180 billion.

Wealth management is undergoing dramatic changes, making it more challenging to maintain the status quo.

  • Robo-capabilities commoditize investment management, and Schwab’s new $30/month subscription for advice further erodes the traditional pricing model.
  • Individual investors are getting more sophisticated. They demand more than “buy and hold”, and they want to know why.
  • Volatility is back.

The clock is ticking. Can you afford to wait?

Our modern tools allow financial advisors to protect clients in down markets, fully participate in up markets, and rein in unproductive panics during zig-zags.

Making Every Conversation Count

With unique analytics, beautiful visuals and actionable insights, our modern platform helps you make better-informed decisions and communicate it in a way that your clients can understand.

Make every conversation count. Delight clients, convert prospects and get ahead of your robo- and human peers.

Integration Partners

Are You Ready to Take the Lead?

The Andes is the longest continental mountain range on earth, symbolizing our commitment to the long-term success of financial advisors and their clients.

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* Google and Google Maps are registered trademarks of Google LLC.

** Based on data from multiple sources: http://www.chartingyourfinancialfuture.com/financial-planning/40-of-americans-now-working-with-a-financial-advisor-citing-need-for-better-financial-guidance/, https://www.thinkadvisor.com/2016/06/21/most-americans-get-no-financial-advice-survey/ , https://www.investors.com/financial-advisors/how-financial-advisors-should-deal-with-the-32-of-americans-who-mistrust-them/, http://news.gallup.com/poll/211052/stock-ownership-down-among-older-higher-income.aspx.

Disclaimer: Andes Wealth Technologies Inc. provides tools and information solely for the convenience of the readers and subscribers. Nothing provided by Andes Wealth constitutes investment advice or client/advisor relationship. Readers and subscribers are responsible for their own investment decisions. Whenever possible, Andes encourages readers and subscribers to consult with their financial advisors.

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